1. Population Age Structure by Altitude Zones, 2011

Where is the elderly population located?

Is the elderly population prevalent in mountainous areas?

The indicator Population Age Structure by Altitude Zones enables the monitoring of the interrelation of the “aging” process and the average altitude.

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2. Population Change Index, 2015/1975

Depopulation – a challenge or a reality?

How intensive is the population decline in Serbia?

Where is depopulation the most pronounced?

The indicator Population Change Index is used to monitor and measure the dynamics of the depopulation process. It directly shows how and where the population decreased or increased in a particular area.

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3. Population Density in Serbia, 2015

What are the poles of the population concentration?

Which areas are gradually shrinking?

Which areas are growing in height?

Population density is one of the most commonly used indicators in monitoring spatial change and delimiting rural and urban areas (OECD; EU Commission; ESPON). It indicates a territory’s attractiveness for settling.

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